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Handcrafted products

Handmade elaboration of sausages

One of the main attractions of the Vall d'Arbúcies is the quality of its handmade products. Thus, you should savor your typical sausages and pastries, such as"pa de pessic". Depending on the season, you can also enjoy seasonal products: apples, beans, mushrooms, chestnuts ...

These proximity products are the basis of the kitchen of Arbúcies, a traditional cuisine that you can taste in the different restaurants of the village, which is gradually becoming a reference and already has a restaurant with a Michelin star guarnished.


"Pa de pessic"

At the foot of the Montseny, Arbúcies offers, always, the traditional cake, the memory that many visitors are many visitors of this beautiful villa.

The pastry Arbúcies says that they were the first to develop, and in fact, possess good old documents that accredit it.