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Montsoriu Castle, residence of the Viscounts of Cabrera during the 13th and 174th century, is one of the most brilliant examptes of medieval architecture in Catalonia.

The route that we  recommend unite the town of  Arbúcies with the castle , crossing meadows and holm. From the top of the hill we will enjoy an impressive view of the Valley of the Tordera River.

Departure from Arbúcies by the castell, which receives this name precisely by the fact be palaced at the begining if the traditional way of going to the castle of Montsoriu. We passed the fields of mulberry trees, a few  interesting meadows recently recovered. Follow the track  that goes  through the houses of mulberry trees and the landing until the crossing of Quintà again. Betwwen trails and trackscross the sot can Pendon and the sot of Coll of the Castellar, where we see a pond of water and a old laundry. From  here, an din less than 20 minutes, up to the castleof Montsoriu, from where we will enjoy magnificent wiews of the Valley of the Tordera river corridor and crosses. Does the same way turn in Arbúcies.

Technical file:

Walking route

Start point and the end- Can Pons Pavilion Arbúcies

Unevenness- 340m

Away- 8, 4 km ( one way)

Duration-4 hours ( roundtrip)

Degree of  dificulty- Medium

Point of interest_ Prats Morer, Montsoriu Castle






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Type Walk
Difficulty Medium
Duration 2
Distance 8.4
Slope 557
Circular NO
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