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Point 1: The Chapel of Mercy

Santiago Rusiñol has a relationship with the town of Arbúcies for his paintings, but also for the improvement of his health. We have the clearest reference of his stays during the summers from 1926 to 1930.

From Santiago Rusiñol's stays in Arbúcies, we know that he stayed with his wife, Lluïsa Denís, at Can Torres where he made special friends with the owners. We also know that he had a few Arbucian firends, including Mr. Badés and who was also a good firend of Pepet Pol, the republican mayor of the town, with whom he was often seen in Can Torres and feeding the birds, without exchanging almost a word. - Herein lies the key to good friendshio¡p, which doesn't need to be spread out in great conversations - was his answer when someone was surprised.


"A piano in a cafe no one can hear, but the musical noise deprives many oral beasts of hearing."

Santiago Rusiñol, Maxims and Bad Thoughts, CLXXIV.


POINT 1: The Chapel of Mercy

The Chapel of our Lady of Mercy was erected in 1717 and expanded in 1785. In 1809 it was looted by the French and shortly afterwards the chapel was renewed. During the Civil War, in 1936, the building was set on fire and only the walls remained stanfing. On August 20, 1994, the foundation stone of the current chapel was laid and the works lasted seven years. It was inaugurated in September 1951.


"For the blessed women, praying is like being alone."

Santiago Rusiñol, Maxims and Bad Thoughts, I.