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The Arbúcies village

Arbúcies, also popularly known as the vineyard, is a vila and municipality of the region of la Selva. 

Located in a long and deep valley, between the Montseny and the Guilleries,

 where flows thestream of Arbúcies. It is a secluded valley of the set of La Selva, with a life of its own. 

In the past, its inhabitants were engaged in the exploitation ofthe natural resources 

of the environment, where they dominate the forests of oak, chestnut and beech .Currently, the village lives of the bodyworks companies and trade.  


Arbúcies, it was inhabited first by the Iberians later by the Romans .In the  Middle Age,

the feudalism was established, where the Montsoriu ´s  Castle  and  viscounty of Cabrera 

were very importants.

Arbúcies combat took place January 14, 1714, during the war of succession, between the somatentes of Arbucies and vicinity, supporters of the Archduke Charles of Austria and the

Walloons of the Duke of Anjou. The clash happened near the stream of Arbúcies, in front of

a mill from the 15th century. The Bourbon troops were defeated and lost six flags. 

The populated llegend says: Gent d´Arbúcies,gent d´astúcies, mata valons a cop de bastons!

The Village of Arbúcies  was burned et the repression of the dique de Popoli.

Since the Midlle Age to the end of  20th century, in Arbúcies the economy is based in the agriculture,livestock, sivicultura farms, then starts an abandonment of farms which ends in 1890 and they end up as traditional definidades activities.

It begins a industrialisation process where destacated the bodywork industry, textile,wood turning, At this time the wood is the raw and the water suchs as the best energy sources.


Arbúcies is knowed to bodyworks industry, heiress of industry of carriages. Actually, it builds coach,truck  and car bodyworks. Also,there are textile industry and mineral water bottling.

It´s a touristique town,very visited the week weekends, festivals and summer.


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