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The Arbúcies village

Arbúcies, also popularly known as La Vinya, is a town and municipality in the region of la Selva. 

Located at the bottom of a long and deep valley, between the Montseny and the Guilleries, where flows the stream of Arbúcies. It is a valley isolated from the whole of La Selva, and that is why it has had a life of its own.

In the past, its inhabitants were dedicated mainly to the use of the natural resources of the surroundings, where the forests of oak, cork, chestnut tree, and beech. 

At present, the village lives of the bodyworks companies and trade.  


Arbúcies was populated by the Iberians and later by the Romans. In the Middle Ages, feudalism was restored, where the Castle of Montsoriu and the viscounts of Cabrera were very important.
The battle of Arbúcies was given on January 14 in 1714 during the War of the Catalans, among the subalternos of the area, supporters of Archduke Charles of Austria, and Walloon forces of the Duke of Anjou. The confrontation took place near the Arbúcies stream, in front of a 15th century mill. The Bourbon troops, from Hostalric and on the way to Vic, were completely defeated and lost six flags.

he populated llegend says: Gent d´Arbúcies,gent d´astúcies, mata valons a cop de bastons!

The Village of Arbúcies  was completely burned in the repression by the Duque of Popoli.

From the Middle Ages to the mid 20th century in Arbúcies the economy was based solely on agriculture, livestock and forestry from the farms. Then starts the abandonment of the farms ehich ends in 1980 and they end up as the activities defined as traditional.
Then begins a process of industrialization where they stand out the bodywork industry, the textile and the wood turning. At that time, wood was the raw material and water was the largest source of energy



Forest exploitation employs a lot of people. In the field, which has greatly reduced its surface, the forage for feeding milk cows, and potatoes dominate. Many abandoned fields have been planted with pine trees and fir trees, some destined for ornamental Christmas trees.

Arbúcies is known for the bodyworks industry, heir to the craft of industry of carriages. Bodywork coaches, trucks and automobiles are now being used. There is also textile and clothing industry. There are mineral water packing plants.

There has also been a vacational town in the traditional way, and it is still the preferred place for many holiday makers. It is a tourist town, much visited on weekends and festivals.



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