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Trade of Arbúcies

Arbúcies has a commercial axis with different shops where you can find products from its land. It has as well a  weekly market, an online trade and a trade association.


The association of Merchants of the Valley of Arbúcies (ACVA) was born in APril 2003 with the aim of representing and promoting the economic, social, labor, professional and cultural interests of its partners. Currently, the association is made up of 72 establishments that represent 62.5% of the Arbúcies trade.

In 2004, the first commercial dynamization plan of the municipality was carried out in collaboration with de Department of Commerce and Toursim of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and since then monthly activities are scheduled to attract customers and promote local commerce. Thus, activities and campaigns have been carried out to celebrate the carnival, the day of the mother, Sant Jordi, the return to school... 

Courses are also offered by the associates with the aim of improving the global situation of the Arbúcies trade, and collaborates in different acts that are carried out in the municipality:

  • Autumn Fair
  • King's Cavalcade
  • Carnival


The commercial axis of Arbúcies has different shops as food, home equipment, services, fashion, catering beauty shops.

If you want to discover all of them, click here.



Every Sunday in Arbúcies the weekly market is held with stalls of fruit, vegetables, clothes and other products. On the same day, local businesses are also open within market hours. Its location is located in the Plaça de la Vila and adjacent streets.


Arbúcies has 47 businesses added to the online commerce. So, if you visit Arbúcies and you really like one of the products you have purchased, you can buy it from home. Click here to discover the affiliated businesses.