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Local produce

Large variety of apples.

In the first half of the 20th century, one of the most important agricultural routes in the Arbúcies Valley was the cultivation and commercialization of different varieties of apples. This crop involved two very important social aspects to take into account: a new distribution of work in the field and a new remodeling of the territory.

The rabada, the quadres, the camosa, sang de llebre, beauty of Rome... are names of ancient apples; varieties of the past, non-commercial but that have perennialized, resisting the passage of time and fashions and that a retired of Arbúcies, called Emili Soms, is dedicated to rescue and recover in his pomary. 

 In a few terraces, 40 varieties have already been saved and still find new ones.

"Fesols del  ganxet"

The  mongeta of ganxet , is a white bean in a runny manner, very crocheted and flat. With a rough skin, but once cooked very thin.

It is identified with the landscape, with streaks of sweet potato and chestnut. It seems butter is very smooth and tasty. Can be eaten hot or cold simply with a stream of oil is enough, you do not need anything else.

Autochthonous oil d´olive

The oil of the Variety Salar of Arbúcies is labelled of oil as High Range by IRTA and by the Official Tasting Panel of Virgin Olive Oil of Catalonia, for its relationship between hit structural and organoleptic characteristics with a description of Intense, bitter Fruity medium and intense spicy with the adjectives of Green and Balanced that make it an aromatic oil, precious and desired by the contribution of its bitter and spicy, which are the natural antioxidants of the oil and which are expressed as healthy attributes to incorporate them to our diet.